I wanted to forward the emails i sent to both "Pops" Miller ( let it fly, flyfishing
shop Pagosa Springs ) and Scott Taylor ( High Country Charters, Pagosa
Springs, Co ).  Below i attached two of the pictures you took of the great we
caught - they provide for some interesting show & tell in my office and I'm sure
will provide with some great
memories in the future. really had a great time with you and I hope we can do it
again next year.  Todd B. , TX

Scott, ( Guide/owner High Country Charters )
   " I wanted you to know that Greg did a great job guiding me and I hope we
will be able to link up again next year. He is a valuable asset for your Outfitting
Thanks and I hope to fish with you all next year. "
                             Todd B. ,  TX   

Pops, ( Owner "Let it Fly" Pagosa Springs, CO )
 " I thought it was going to be hard to match the wonderful time I had last year
with my guide, but Greg was a great guide/fishing partner and I really enjoyed
fishing with him. I look forward to doing so again next summer!  "  
                 Thanks again! Todd B. , TX